Peculiarity of SPbUMTE development is a considerable research expansion, its major breakthrough, an obvious trend to ensure innovative development of economic branches and spheres.
The university research funding is carried out using external and internal funds, and, research funding based on external funding sources is systematically growing and has reached nearly 70% from total amount. Sources are formed out of economic entity funds – 95% and various level budgets – 5% that demonstrates scientific research orientation to solve the crucial tasks posed by business practice. The appreciation of the state budgetary research on the "automated system design in e-learning and counseling of local government department employees and system data support" has became the potential recognition of the university scientists. This work was performed under the order of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation within the federal program on the state support to the local government. This work was initiated by the creative team under the leadership of the SPbUMTE president, prof. V.A. Gnevko, in the 90th and at various times was nominated for an award given by the Russian President and the Government of the Russian Federation.
As a result, methods and tools for remote user training have been developed, a new system concept of modern staff training and counseling for public and municipal administration bodies based on development and application of educational information technology has been offered. On the basis of this research, the university educational process employs the e-learning automated information system that was incorporated in the "Hundred Best Projects for the City" program.
The University Scientific team participated in a St. Petersburg grant award competition in the sphere of scientific and technological activities in Sociology and they were awarded a grant on target program development and justification to ensure social security for the citizens of St. Petersburg. As a result, social security programs on the basis of social threat identification at the federal and regional levels have been developed. Action-oriented recommendations for municipal government bodies on social strain relief and effective social policy have been made.
To arrange and hold a scientific and practical conference "Corporate social responsibility as a factor of the Northwest of Russia development: experience and challenges", the University signed the government contract with the Committee on Science and Higher School of St. Petersburg and it signed one more contract - to arrange and hold the III scientific and practical conference "Staff for innovative economy in St. Petersburg: business and higher school".
Peculiarity of SPbUMTE development is a considerable research expansion, its major breakthrough, an obvious trend to ensure innovative development of economic branches and spheres. Along with traditional economic trends there appeared new ones, related to development of cross-cultural communications, social and cultural service and tourism, human rights activity, managerial psychology, philosophy, etc.

Major trends in SPbUMTE research activity


Total economic effect from getting innovative technologies into actual practical use, developing and improving enterprise functioning of various scales, branches and forms of ownership carried out on the basis of government and economic contracts performed in SPbUMTE is estimated at billions of rubles.

Commercialization history of scientific activity results


Contract Subject

Transvudservis Joint Stock Company

"Assessment of corporate and public merger efficiency and enterprise structure mergers"

Norilsk Housing and Utility Infrastructure

"Increase in investment attractiveness for housing and communal service enterprises of Far North regions"

“Nevskie Berega” industrial complex

"Methodological support development to innovative management for the benefit of the enterprise sustainable development"

"VTB Severo-Zapad bank" Joint Stock Company

"Assessment of credit institution performance"

administration of Gatchina district in Leningrad Region

"Assessment of efficient state support to small businesses in municipal entities"

Irkutsk region government

"Innovative development management of the Irkutsk region with the use of biotechnological enterprise opportunities"

"East Siberian plant of biotechnologies" Joint Stock Company

"The plan to create innovative biotechnological enterprises based on the old hydrolytic plant";

"Assessment technique for biotechnological enterprise overall performance and its investment attractiveness"

"Perspective assessment of demand for biotechnological enterprise production in the markets of the Irkutsk region, Russian Federation and China"

Committee on science and higher school

"A research of educational issues in formation of economic, social and legal culture of society"

Private educational institution of supplementary vocational education "Auditing school"

“Development of a method to increase the company competitiveness"

“A methodical base development to modernize production through the reengineering systems"

"Present Retail" Private Limited Company

Marketing tool research at "Present Retail" Private Limited Company lifecycle phases

"Rotunda" Private Limited Company

Research of an investment attractiveness of the territory"

“Ruskol real estate” Private Limited Company

“Development of a market research system for the real estate agency"

"Nobilnno Trade" Private Limited Company

Theoretical research on the efficiency of "Nobilnno Trade" Private Limited Company small business

"Soft-Master +" Private Limited Company

Development of information support to material stock management for "Soft-Master +" Private Limited Company

"Pegshmed-Diagnostika" Private Limited Company

“Research of mechanisms for computer information protection and computer security"

"NPVT" Private Limited Company

Development of the managerial system of innovative activity for "NPVT" Private Limited Company sustainable development

The annual gain of commodity and service output for various enterprises is provided by 0,5 - 1,5 higher. New jobs – from 2 to 10 at each enterprise - have been created as a result of the implemented suggested actions on enterprise performance improvement based on the introduced innovative managerial technologies.

•    cyber crime research;
•    social business;
•    research of creating and functioning of advanced development zone;
•    regional identity as a social construct;
•    scientific image of extremism: paradigm collision;
•    late-life loneliness as a social problem;
•    civil right protection of single people;
•    social and psychological aspect research of individual development at different ages.
•    thematic ordered researches,
•    project scientific support, counselling,
•    municipal project examination,
•    employee advanced training,
•    postgraduate studies, doctoral studies,
•    student involvement to undertake a graduate and predegree internship.
The university has top-qualified experts capable to solve and prevent economic, social and managerial, legal problems to increase competitiveness of the Russian economy.
In recent years, the University has moved to a new level of the research insight approbation.