Saint-Petersburg University of Management Technologies and Economics is directly included in the European and world educational process. University teachers and Ph.D. students have an opportunity to give lectures at higher education institutions of Europe and the world, the international cooperation of UMTE covers more than 80 educational institutions in the Great Britain, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Finland, France and other countries. Also among the main directions of cooperation is the joint development of new educational products, implementation of joint projects and carrying out the research, preparation and publication of joint educational monographs and scientific articles and, of course, academic exchange of
the students.

Together with foreign partners educational seminars for University staff are held. Listeners study system of higher education, teaching techniques, financial and economic activity of the European educational institutions. UMTE actively exchanges
scientific, methodical and educational literature with the leading foreign scientific centers and university libraries of Europe, America, Asia, Australia. UMTE students have an opportunity to do their exchange semester at one of the foreign partner
institutions abroad. Students also can participate in winter and summer language and/or business schools. Educational tours are organized by the University several times per year, during such tours students can get acquainted
with the culture and sights of the country they are interested in. Training abroad not only improves languages skills, but also expands professional outlook and allows to use international experience in the future business career.

For this reason the popularity of Double Degree programs at UMTE grows every year. Foreign scientists and professors of the leading higher education institutions of Europe and the USA, representatives of business are attractedto ensure educational process directly in St. Petersburg. They give lectures at UMTE, as well as  practical training. A lot of honored guests gave lectures to the students and teachers of the University - Felix Unger, President of the European Academy of Arts and
Sciences, and Wilfried Bergmann, Vice President of the University of Wiesbaden, Grayson Wagstaff, Dean of the Catholic University of Washington (USA), Dean of the Faculty of Business and Industrial Production of the University of Applied Sciences of Würzburg-Schweinfurt, Germany, Professor Uwe Sponkolz, Director of the Finnish Center for Eastern
European Studies, Professor Markku Kivinen, Dean of the School of Management at the International University of Alliant (San Diego, Sha), Professor Lee White, Director of the Master's Degree in Business Administration at Adam Smith School of the
University of Glasgow (Scotland), Professor Robert Paton, Professor at the University of Macquarre (Sydney, Australia) Andrew Thomas, Dr. Horst Danner, the CEO of Naturcost Horst C. Danner (Munich, Germany), Professor of the University of Applied Sciences of Turku Emmanuel Querrec and many others. Many foreign scientists are honorary professors of UMTE, including Nobel Prize winners in Economics E. Phelps (Columbia University), R. Myerson (University of Chicago), A. Sen and R. Merton (Harvard University), P. Diamond (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), W. Sharp (Stanford University), O. Williamson (University of Berkeley).