Our university has been a part of the International Association of Universities (IAU) since November 2011.

In November 2016 Oleg Grigorevich Smeshko, the University’s president of SPbUMTE, was elected to the Administrative Council of IAU. The elections were held during the 15th IAU Conference in Bangkok (Thailand). In addition to the image component, the position of the University’s president of SPbUMTE in the IAU Council gives the University an opportunity to voice and report on problems, acute and pressing issues in the field of education that arise not only globally but also at the regional level.

During the meetings and assemblies of the IAU Administrative Council, the University’s president of SPbUMTE has the opportunity - on behalf of the universities of the North-West, for example, - to initiate events on topics of concern to educational institutions in St. Petersburg. In this case, the international experience, values, priorities of IAU and UNESCO, on the basis of which IAU operates, can become an example of solving national and regional problems in the field of education. The use of the principles and values of the IAU and UNESCO, the invitation of international experts to universities in Russia, carrying out joint activities not only locally but also internationally with the application of international practices, make it possible to solve problems in education more efficiently.
For reference: This association was founded in 1950, it unites institutions of higher professional education from 150 countries and cooperates with different international, regional and national authorities.

The activity of the association is based on the fundamental right of every individual to receive education. The Association aims at protecting general cultural values and legal principles in higher education, creating a flexible legal framework, regulating relations between educational facilities all over the world, representing and protecting the interests of universities in the world arena.

The International Association of Universities is the largest forum in its way, where the participants regularly discuss the achievements, problems and prospects of higher education, as well as the exchange of professional experience. Practical activities of the Association consist in the regular thematic conferences and symposiums  related to problems and tendencies in the development of higher education, in cooperation with organizations.


Regional Studies Association (RSA)

In November 2021 our University has become a member of RSA. UMTE’s membership in RSA means the opportunity to increase global openness and development on the global research platform, to joint international research, the results of which are presented at global conferences in different parts of the world. 

Regional studies association (RSA) is an independent organization (founded in 1965) dealing with regional studies issues as well as the analysis of different regions. It focuses on economic, environmental and social policy research in the regional context and operates at the intersection of academia, politics and practice.

The Association supports research activities, publishes 5 journals that are indexed in major analytical systems, including Scopus, EBSCOhost (Business Source Complete, Business Source Corporate, Current Abstracts, TOC Premier), Social Sciences Citation Index, and also holds international conferences and online events.