On the way to UEFA EURO-2020.

On the way to UEFA EURO-2020.

18 February 2020

Students of Saint-Petersburg University of Management Technologies and Economics are ready to be volunteers at UEFA Euro 2020.

This year, Saint-Petersburg is ready to meet guests at UEFA Euro 2020. Each and every one who lives in our city may help to prepare in organizing Championship, to invest in creation of the World sports event in Saint-Petersburg.

Our university has got the widely developed activity of students to participate at internal events of Saint-Petersburg university of management technologies and economics as well as to take part in big city and all-Russian events.

In order that everyone who wish to take part at this event and get to know more details about involving, selecting and teaching the future volunteers at UEFA Euro 2020, the representatives of preparation center have organized the meeting with city volunteers.

City volunteers will work in areas of city infrastructure helping to navigate around the area. They will be in charge of following tasks: giving more information to guests of the city about Euto-2020, details about food and rest places, transportation system, cultural events that are going to be held in town, touring Saint-Petersburg sights and so on.

The organizing Committee volunteers are the volunteers who will be working with client groups of UEFA during matches in Saint-Petersburg, providing support to official delegations, mass media, commercial partners of UEFA, technical specialist of UEFA, besides, it will be doing hospitality functions for client groups of UEFA in hotels, at airports and at railway stations etc.

There are going to be involved 1300 volunteers and 200 volunteers in reserve during Euro-2020 events in St. Petersburg. They will help in the course of UEFA EURO-2020 held from June 12 to July 12.Some functional areas work merely during matches and others work in the course of all days and 24/7.

The teaching of city volunteers is held in April and will have been finished by May, 2020.