With the first to win!

With the first to win!

04 September 2020

Anton Belov, the 2014 world champion and SKA hockey player, congratulated the first-year students of UMTE with the beginning of the academic year.

SKA is one of the strongest teams in the Kontinental hockey League, which has a huge number of fans in our city, including young people who study at our university.

Defender of the SKA hockey club, honored master of sports of Russia, 2014 world champion Anton Belov:

"Dear first-year students of Saint-Petersburg University of Management Technologies and Economics! I congratulate you on your first bid for victory, with the first success on your path of life.

You have entered one of the leading universities in our city. Your job is to learn and develop.

Let creative, scientific, and possibly sporting victories accompany you on your way to knowledge. Good luck!"