Notes from Germany

Notes from Germany

29 January 2021

Let’s take a ride across the Aachen

A beautiful town Aachen in Germany is also called «Mekka der Reiterei» that means «the equestrian mecca». Every year people from all over the world come to Aachen to participate in World Equestrian Festival «CHIO Aachen».

May be this is the reason why a lot of our students choose Aachen University of Applied Sciences in order to participate in international academic mobility program.

Students who had the opportunity to spend a semester in Aachen fell in love with this place. Even the students who have to study remotely because of the pandemic enjoy their time at Aachen University.

Don't believe us? Then read the story of our student.

Despite the difficult situation in the world, Marina Bondar, a 3rd-year student of International Financial Management, decided that studying online at the University of Aachen is a great idea. And I didn't regret it.

Thank you Internet

I have been studying at the Aachen University of Applied Sciences for almost six months now. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to attend the university because of the situation with COVID, and I have to study online. My review is about online classes.

It is quite difficult to study in foreign University, but our teachers are so friendly and pleasant. They always support students, encourage them to ask questions, post lectures on a special website, and even record each lesson so that if you miss something, you can watch it later.

In addition to the fact that we have access to all educational materials, lectures, we are provided with all the necessary information about the disciplines and we can contact the teacher in case of any questions.

At the University of Applied Sciences, I study several subjects related to my focus – International Financial Management. All subjects are very interesting and every day I learn a lot of new information. But the most difficult subject for me is Corporate finance. I try to understand it with the help of my teacher.

I really like two teachers: Sebastian Gell teaches Value based management, and Müller-Oesteric teaches International business environment. Their lectures are the most interesting and clear.

Two heads are better than one

The teaching-learning process in Germany is a little different from what we are used to in Russia. All the teacher in Aachen University prefer working in groups. We don't get many individual assignments. Group members vary depending on the assignments and disciplines. It is always different.

Taking into account the fact that all students are located in different places and study remotely, we can communicate with each other, learn new things about different cultures, practice different languages, make friends with whom we certainly want to meet in person in the near future.

Of course, online learning will never replace live classes, but the university does everything to make us feel comfortable.