Notes from Germany

Notes from Germany

15 March 2021

┬źDespite the difficulties and the challenges posed by the virus I enjoy my studies at FH Aachen┬╗ - Sergei Voronin, a 3rd-year student of International Financial Management.

Opening closed doors

This year I study at FH Aachen, Germany participating in the Double Degree Program.

Studying abroad and moving to another country is always a difficult process but the pandemic has made it even harder. For some unknown reason The consulate general of Germany in St. Petersburg was closed for some time. That is why it was impossible to apply for a visa.

My way to the Aachen was difficult too. My route to the Aachen was the followed: Saint Petersburg – Moscow – Frankfurt am Main. You can get to Frankfurt from Moscow only by two export flights a week. The tickets can be easily bought on the Aeroflot website but it is very overpriced.

I had to take 2 coronavirus tests. The results of the first test I used to book a room in Frankfurt. The next day I took a bus to Aachen. The result of the second test I provided to the local health department. There was no need to quarantine myself.

Let's start learning

Aachen University has a Buddy program, like at the UMTE. And my Buddies met me at the airport, helped me get to the dorms and get my room, and showed me around.

The studies conduct completely online in English. I like my lectures. I like the study process and the way our professors work. The University has everything for the high standard distance learning. The University is always ready to help its students.

Before the beginning of the term we had German language course. We were teamed up in groups according to our levels.

International Department helps us with everything we need.

We also have video calls so we can ask our questions.

It’s time to relax

The University, especially the community of international students, often organize for us different events where we can meet with other international students, make friends and have fun. In October we went to the skating rink together.

In November Germany announced strict quarantine and everything were closed. Sometimes we get bored. And unfortunately, we can’t do anything about it. The pandemic sets its own rules. But even in the time of lockdown we have online events.

Despite the difficulties and the challenges posed by the virus I enjoy my studies, my trip and the town. It’s worth it.