UMTE and Kajaani University of Applied Sciences: new horizons of cooperation for masters

UMTE and Kajaani University of Applied Sciences: new horizons of cooperation for masters

13 April 2021

UMTE and Kajaani University have signed a new cooperation agreement within the framework of the Double degree program for maters students.

The pandemic has made its own adjustments to the international life of the university. But the International department did not sit idly by. The negotiations with Kajaani University lasted for the whole year. In April 2021, the agreement on the Double degree program for master's students was signed.

The history of friendship between the universities dates back to 2015, when students of these two universities went on study trips to the campuses. Those trips became the beginning of the strong friendship. As a result, the universities signed an agreement on Double degree program for undergraduate students in 2016.

For students, this collaboration has brought many opportunities. They can not only go to study in Finland, explore this mysterious Scandinavian country, gain experience in cross-cultural communication, and find friends around the world. Students can receive two degrees at once after 4 years of study – the degree at UMTE and the degree at Kajaani University.

During the 6 years of cooperation 10 students from UMTE were able to study at the University of Kajaani within the framework of the double-degree program. They have got new knowledge and skills that helped them at the beginning of their careers.

The successful results of the cooperation led to a new agreement with new learning opportunities. And now, starting from 2021, not only bachelor, but also master students have the opportunity to receive double degree from two countries at once.

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences is one of the best universities in Finland. KAMK is a vibrant international community, learning and developing, with approximately 2,500 students and 230 experts working in its own compact campus located in the stunning natural surroundings of Kajaani.