The International Online Spring School «Leaders of the 21st Century» has ended ended at UMTE

The International Online Spring School «Leaders of the 21st Century» has ended ended at UMTE

28 April 2021

The International Online Spring School «Leaders of the 21st Century: Professional Development and Implementation of Personal Potential» was held at Saint-Petersburg University of Management Technologies and Economics on April 19-21, 2021.

The three-day intensive program, which is aimed at developing leadership skills, was developed by the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences with the support of the International Cooperation Department. This was the first experience for the Institute, which undoubtedly was a success. We hope that this event will become an annual celebration of knowledge for students from all over the world.
Students from all over the world met in the virtual world, on the MS Teams platform, to become the real Leaders of the 21st century. Germany, Finland, India, the United Arab Emirates, the Czech Republic, Bangladesh, Ghana, Nigeria, Latvia – such different countries, but united by one goal - personal and professional growth.

For three days, the participants listened to lectures from leading teachers from UMTE. Together with Alexey Aristov, the participants talked about cross-cultural communications:
- what are the features of communication in a changing world?
- can the process of globalization lead to the creation of a unified society, or will the centrifugal forces be stronger in this battle?
- what can be called the base for the European civilization?
- what reefs build the drawback of using English as a means of communication?
- Can East and West ever meet?

Ksenia Kuzmina, in turn, helped the students to experience the power of cross-cultural communication: every day she divided the students into international groups, in which they developed their projects on the topic of leadership, necessary skills, personal and professional development.
At the end of the program, all participants received certificates with credits for the completed course, which will be transferred to their university. 
Meanwhile, we managed to ask them to share their impressions.

Henna Leppänen, Finland, South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences
«UMTE International Spring School was a very professional with organizing such an event. I learned many things about the topics and was surprised by how organized it was. The lecturers were very professional and had great knowledge about their topics. Loved that there were also group projects where everyone could participate in learning. Despite the pandemic and with distant learning it was a great experience nonetheless. Thank you for the program!»

Mayank Pandey, Germany, BBW University of Applied Sciences
«UMTE was a great experience as teachers were highly knowledgeable and highly interactive and apart from that the tasks given was interesting» 

Juha Piiroinen, Finland, Savonia University of Applied Sciences
«I think this was great experience. I learned a lot of new things. There were good topics and I enjoyed lectures. Teachers were great and spoke good English. It was interesting to meet participants from different countries. I was allowed to my spoken and written English skills, which was good thing. Maybe couple more days could have been better but this three days went fast because of interesting subjects. Good combination overall of lectures, presentations and interaction with each other».

Tala Yolande Bih, Finland, Savonia University of Applied Sciences
«For, it was fun, interacting with other students. The teachers or professors were amazing. The programme was brief, not boring because ag a certain stage or level, everyone even students were involved in the activity».

Simon Borzik, Czech Republic, University of Hradec Kralove
«I love experiences. I love learning new things. New languages. Getting better in as many ways as is possible. This spring school totally covers everything I like. And I would like to absolve other events like this one. Thank you!»

Nazar Tatarenkov, Finland, Savonia University of Applied Sciences
«It was great experience to expand my knowledge in different fields. Alexey's speech was very interesting and memorable. What is more, Ksenia's lessons was helpful and relevant in the present time».

Varun Mohan, Germany, BBW University of Applied Sciences
«Very detailed and really enjoyed the getting new knowledge. Getting new Views from students around the globe changed my perspective about a specific topic. Learned a lot about intercultural differences and learned how to work in team and make projects in a limited time of periods».

Sini Pitkänen, Finland, South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences
«Professor Ksenia Kuzmina, had very good and interesting touch in giving lectures. It is always good to participate the students to the lecture, like she did. Professor Alexey had also interesting subject, but unfortunately he didn't ask almost any questions from the students, or we didn't have time for reflection and conversation, which are really important for learning and understanding. With Ksenia we had group works, which were maybe the best part of the course. Maybe in future the groups could be divided before, so everyone would find a suitable sized group».

Oluyemisi Alabi, Nigeria, Savonia University of Applied sciences
«The program schedule was adhered to. It was very interactive. The coordinator was very helpful especially patient with new comers to Ms team. The duration was appropriate. Particularly appreciate it that a certificate will be given for participation».

Saurabh Pramod Ghag, Germany, BBW University of Applied Sciences
«The seminar was fruitful. It was based on intercultural activities. Participated in Group activities and I had nice experience. I would be happy if I get an invitation for the next webinar also. Thanks  a lot!!»

Raghda Hattab, United Arab Emirates, BBW University of Applied Sciences
«It was overall an interesting experience. I enjoy talking to new people so hearing new voices and seeing new faces felt refreshing. I am very fascinated with different cultures and languages so this was fulfilling.  I am grateful for your time and effort, spasibo!! :D»