Opening up Russia with closed borders

Opening up Russia with closed borders

11 June 2021

On June 1 - 3, 2021, the St. Petersburg University of Management Technologies and Economics hosted international students in its virtual classes as part of the International Online Summer School " Introduction in Business and Finance in Russia┬╗

The International Summer School organized by Institute of International Programs has already become a tradition and attracts students from all our partner universities. Last year, the pandemic broke this good tradition. But this year, the current situation and closed borders did not prevent the international program from being held, and the Institute of International Programs, with the support of the International Cooperation Department, organized an Annual international summer school in the online mode.

A three-day program called "Introduction in Business and Finance in Russia" helped to unite students from 18 foreign partner universities in one virtual classroom. Germany, Finland, the Czech Republic, Latvia, France, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Spain, Russia – all these countries are united by one thing – the desire for knowledge and, of course, the desire for intercultural communication.

The program was very interesting.

Throughout the program, students were accompanied by 5 lecturers – 5 leading specialists of the Institute of International Programs.

T. Afanasyeva, the head of the educational direction "Marketing", introduced the students to the changes that are taking place in marketing in Russia in our time.

N. Druzhinin, Professor of the Department of International Finance and Accounting, shared with the participants the features of modern economic policy in Russia.

G. Varlamov, Associate Professor, specialist in Philology and Economics and Doctor of Economic Sciences, together with the students analyzed the strategies of international companies that have branches in Russia.

V. Sukhacheva, Associate Professor of the Department of International Finance and Accounting, introduced the students to the Russian financial system.

A. Khromova, senior lecturer of the Department of International Finance and Accounting, managed to introduce foreign participants to a mysterious Russian soul and told about the peculiarities of culture. Also the participants were able to speak Russian in such a short time, and all thanks to our teachers.

Throughout the program, students prepared their final projects. The participants received the project topics on the first day of the program. The result of working with projects was its presentation. All the work of the participants was performed at the highest level, the teachers gave them their comments and recommendations.

At the end of the program, all participants received certificates with grades, which will be transferred to their universities.

The participants of the International Summer School shared their impressions:

Simon Borzik, Czech Republic, University of Hradec Kralove

«I have already done UMTE International Spring School, so I have really been looking forward to Summer School, which has been totally great as I have expected! I love your topics, lecturers and interactions with each other. I like communication in chat as well. It was a real fun to take a part in this programm and hopefully you will prepare another one for us. At the moment, I know I will definitely participate in another one of these great programms! Stay healthy and I will be looking forward to another course! :-))) <3»

Eleonora Kiuchkova, Russia, Saint Petersburg University of Management Technologies and Economics

«I'll start with thanks to the teachers, thank you for the great 3 days and interesting lectures! Tomorrow is my birthday and I turn 20, so why am I talking about this? The online summer school was the last one at my 19 and I hope that at the age of 20 I can participate in the school again!»

Sanyal Krishnan Rama Warrier, Germany, BBW University of Applied Sciences

«Thanks for arranging a well organized Summer School. It was wonderful attending the sessions and learning from the well knowledgable professors.»

Oluyemisi Alabi, Nigeria, Savonia University of Applied sciences

«The program was enlightening and informative. I appreciate the adherence to schedule. There were some classes difficult to follow maybe the teaching technique but most lecturers were great»

Rakshit Anand, Germany, BBW University of Applied Sciences

«It is pretty easy to talk and make friends and the best is they teach with updated slides to what is current scenario worldwide. Moreover the teachers are quite interactive, supportive in every aspect ranging from performing extra curricular activities to joining societies, volunteering or understanding things better also bridging the gap in cultural point of view.»