The International Online Summer School for the CIS Countries has ended at UMTE

The International Online Summer School for the CIS Countries has ended at UMTE

21 June 2021

The International Summer School "Project Management: Problem Solving and Decision-making" was held on June 7 to 17 June 2021 in online mode.

The summer programme was organized by the Institute of Economics, Management and Information Technology. The preparation and organization of the Summer School was supported by the Department of Information and Technical Support of UMTE and the International Cooperation Department.
The program of the International Summer School was developed specifically for students who study at universities in the CIS countries. The topic of the summer school aroused a wide interest among students, and we received more than 200 registrations, so it was decided to divide the program into two classes. The first class was held on June 7-10, and the second class - on June 14-17.

The Summer School attracted students from the largest universities in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, and Moldova.

The participants of the summer program were able to gain up-to-date knowledge in modern project management, learn the main trends, and gain basic skills in project management. In addition, participants acquired not only new knowledge, but also skills in problem solving and decision-making in the field of project management.

Mentor of the Summer School - Kuzmina Ksenia – MPA, PHD in Linguistics, Associate Professor, Department of Management and Public Administration, UMTE, a certified L&D expert in evaluating learning and development impact (ATD, USA), specializes in strategic and project management. Ex-CEO of Private Educational Institution “Institute for Enterprise Issues”.

Ksenia put a lot of emphasis in this program on honing the practical skills of the participants, so every day, the participants were engaged in the development of their own projects in international groups. The result of the summer school was the development of the final group project, which included the practical application of all the knowledge gained.

The mentor noted that all the projects received are unusual, promising and practical.
Undoubtedly, all students were able to improve their knowledge in project management during these 4 intensive days of work, and this is evident in their final projects.

Participants of the summer school shared their impressions:

Tapalova Assel, Kazakhstan, L. N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University
"The summer school was very interesting, the classes were intensive, the material was clear, graphically presented, and I especially liked the practical classes, where I had the opportunity to work out the skills I had acquired and work in a team. Thank you for this course! "

Dinara Musabalina, Kazakhstan, L. N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University
"Thank you so much for such a great experience, great content, and a very professional coach. Everything was at the highest level. Quick solution of technical problems, excellent work with the audience. Practical exercises in groups were interesting".

Olga Sheveleva, Kyrgyzstan, Issyk-Kul State University
"I really liked the school. Teacher... Methodology of presentation..content... Everything is at a high level."

Viktor Minin, Kazakhstan, L. N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University
"During the summer school, I learned a lot, met interesting people. The material was very clear, and I also liked working in a team: it helps to acquire communication in the development, and contributes to the transfer of the participants ' experience."

Anna Zajkovski, Moldova, State University of the Republic of Moldova
"The program was excellent, the training was at the highest level. The information was useful."

Gulmira Moldabekova, Kazakhstan, L. N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University
"I really liked the UMTE International Summer Online School "Project Management: Problem solving and Decision-making". I got all the answers (clearly and clearly) about solving various problems".

Zosim Andrey, Moldova, State University of the Republic of Moldova
" Invaluable experience of vision and attitude to the project and interaction between people from post-Soviet states. This is exactly what the younger generations lack for understanding, support and synchronization of joint projects, and just human attitude and mutual respect."

Babuc Victoria, Moldova, State University of the Republic of Moldova
"A very good experience of acquiring additional knowledge and applying it in practice during training."

Nurpazylova Eslinda, Kazakhstan, Kazakh-German University
"I liked everything. It was interesting to meet students from other countries. The summer school had a friendly atmosphere, special thanks to the UMTE. The tasks were very interesting, and I hope that one day I will be able to take part in such an event again!»

Stognienko Daniil, Moldova, State University of the Republic of Moldova
"I liked it, there is enough useful information, well structured and presented in a short time, which is extremely convenient."

Adamova Aigul, Kazakhstan, S. Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnical University
"Thank you very much for such well-organized courses, specific information and a lot of practice, and special thanks to Ksenia Kuzmina!!! Success and prosperity!!!"

Zhanbozova Aksaule, Kazakhstan, L. N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University
"Most of all, I liked the practical orientation of the classes. The cases are very simple, which allows you to solve them in a short time in general terms, without the need for calculations."