The marathon of International intensive programs has come to an end at UMTE

The marathon of International intensive programs has come to an end at UMTE

12 July 2021

The first UMTE International Online Summer School was held on April 19 - 21. After it, 4 more schools were organized. Each Institute developed its own international program.

The last International Online Summer School was held on June 29 - July 2. The topic of this program was project management.
The summer programme was organized by the Institute of Economics, Management and Information Technology. The preparation and organization of the Summer School was supported by the Department of Information and Technical Support of UMTE and the International Cooperation Department.

At the beginning of June, the Institute already held a school on this topic, but then the program was developed specifically for students who study at universities in the CIS countries. Now the Summer School was held in English and also aroused a wide interest not only among students of our partner universities, but also among employees of these universities. 103 participants from universities in Germany, Finland, Spain, France, Belgium, Kazakhstan, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Moldova, and Senegal have registered for the program. With each new program, the geography of our participants expands.

The Project Management Summer School is not a theoretical program where you only need to listen; it is an interactive intensive course that requires the maximum involvement of each participant.

Mentor of the Summer School - Kuzmina Ksenia – MPA, PHD in Linguistics, Associate Professor, Department of Management and Public Administration, UMTE, a certified L&D expert in evaluating learning and development impact (ATD, USA), specializes in strategic and project management. Ex-CEO of Private Educational Institution “Institute for Enterprise Issues”.
Ksenia developed the course in such a way that at first the participants analyzed together with her the theoretical foundations of project management, and in the second half of the day they developed their own projects in groups.

Thus, the participants of the summer program were able to gain up-to-date knowledge in modern project management, learn the main trends, and gain basic skills in project management. In addition, participants acquired not only new knowledge, but also skills in problem solving and decision-making in the field of project management. And they could immediately apply all this knowledge in business.

Another important advantage of this program was the opportunity to work in international groups. All participants were divided into groups so that all participants were from different countries and universities. This is a useful experience to get acquainted with the cultures of other countries and learn in practice the peculiarities of working with representatives of different countries and cultures.

The result of the summer school was the development of the final group project, which included the practical application of all the knowledge gained.
The mentor noted that all the projects received are unusual, promising and practical.

We were already familiar with some of the participants, as they passed this marathon together with us and participated in all UMTE international online programs. Someone participated for the second time, but there were also those for whom this program was the first. But all participants note that the program gave them a charge of only positive emotions:

Sirazul Mazid Disha, Bangladesh, Savonia University of Applied Sciences, International Business
«It was quite fun. The teacher was very friendly and calm and helpful».

Vipul Nitin Badgujar, Germany, BBW University of Applied Science, International technology transfer management
«One of the best summer school, I attended this year. I learned so much skills from teachers and all the members of the school. I really appreciate all for organising such beautiful event. thank you so much!»

Shantanu Brahme, Germany, BBW University of Applied Science, International technology transfer management
«Great initiative and there's nothing better than giving a proper education for free»

Rémi Gervais, France, Antonio de Nebrija Universidad, Management 
«UMTE International Summer School gives very good and interesting free classes for summer, it's amazing»

«I really liked it. Otherwise there were no negatives and my group was really nice and understanding. We were really efficient and the tasks felt like we gold actually do them»

Vipul Patil, Germany, BBW University of Applied Science, International technology transfer management
«Very good program and loved the notes and lectures given by the presentation»

Anant Kapil, Germany, BBW University of Applied Science, Industrial Engineering and management 
«The professor was brilliant and the course structure was nicely drafted»

Harmandeep Singh, Germany, BBW University of Applied Science, International technology transfer management
«It was great experience, especially as a beginner I learned a lot about project management skills»

Elena Alvarez García, Spain, Antonio de Nebrija Universidad, Project Management
«I was surprised by the professionalism of the teacher, the control over the students and how she has managed to get the best of each presentation»

Meriem Belila, Finland, Savonia University of Applied Sciences, International Business 
«It was a very experience and I recommend it for all international business students»

Rakiban Nesa Bushra, Bungladesh, BBW University of Applied Science, Business Administration
«It was too good to know new things»