Let`s enter the new academic year being productive

Let`s enter the new academic year being productive

12 November 2021

The International Online School “Project Management: Problems solving and Decisions making”, October 25-29, took place at the UMTE.

Last year the university held a successful “marathon” of international online schools covering the business topics. This year the UMTE continues to organize online events for listeners from all over the world.

Ksenia Kuzmina was honored to start the marathon bringing the project management program on the table. The program lasted for 4 days and was held in English.

Mentor of the Summer School - Kuzmina Ksenia – MPA, PHD in Linguistics, Associate Professor, Department of Management and Public Administration, UMTE, a certified L&D expert in evaluating learning and development impact (ATD, USA). The field of interest is project management, strategic management, teaching and development. Managerial experience is more than 10 years in the middle – and top – management of the governmental institutes and companies (Higher School of Management UMTE, Sber, Institute of Entrepreneurship Problems).

Ksenia developed the course in such a way that at first the participants analyzed together with her the theoretical foundations of project management, and in the second part of the class they developed their own projects in groups.

The great advantage of the online format is the opportunity to unite not only students from different counties and different field of studies, but also the experts in the field.

This year students from Russia, France, Germany and Finland gathered together to improve the skills in project management.

Ksenia Kuzmina says: “The Project Management School is not a theoretical program where you only need to listen; it is an interactive intensive course that requires the maximum involvement of each participant”.

Within the framework of the program, the participants discussed some important issues related to project management:

  • Modern characteristics of project management;
  • Current trends and tendencies;
  • Tools and methods;
  • Problems;
  • Features of international projects;
  • Problems solving and decision making;
  • Best solutions.

As a bonus, the lecturer gave the students a lecture on conflict management.

The result of the summer school was the development of the final group project, which included the practical application of all the knowledge gained.

At the end of the program, all participants received certificates with credits for the completed course, which will be transferred to their university.

Ksenia Kuzmina showed her pleasure with the process of program going, for all the students participated actively in work and projects making.

The participants are also happy to be a part of our program. All the students noted that they got useful knowledge and the opportunity to put the acquired knowledge into practice while working on a project. And they will definitely look forward to the next school.