Congratulations on the International student`s day!

Congratulations on the International student`s day!

17 November 2021

Every year on the 17th of November the International student`s day is celebrated. Nowadays it reminds us of youth, romance and fun, but its history dates back to the tragic events which took place in Czechoslovakia during the Second World War.

In 1941 this holiday was established in London during the international meeting of students who were fighting against fascism. The date was chosen as the honor to the Check students – heroes of the resistance.

On the 28th of October 1939, in the occupied Czechoslovakia the students and professors went to the demonstration to celebrate the anniversary of the formation of the Czechoslovak state. The units of the occupiers dispersed the demonstration, and fire was opened on its participants. One of the student leaders, Jan Opletal, was seriously injured and died soon after.

His funeral, which took place 15th of November 1939, became the protest action. As a response, all the Czech higher educational organizations were closed down and more than 1200 students were arrested and imprisoned in a concentration camp. 9 students and activists of the student`s movement were executed without trial in prison on the 17th of November.

Today we celebrate the International student`s day in a joyful atmosphere. We wish all the students to enjoy every success in the studies and their student lives.