One day of an exchange student

One day of an exchange student

17 January 2022

Reasons to study international business at UMTE, winter in snowy Finland and Finnish cookies for breakfast - Eleonora Kriuchkova, a student of Institute of International Programs, speaks about her day and shows it on Instagram.

A participant of the double degree program with Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK), Finland, became the face of Instagram event called «One day in the life of an exchange student in KAMK». We decided to talk to the student and find out more about the event.

- Eleonora, we saw you in the KAMK Instragram! How did you get there? Was there some sort of selection?

Eleanor: I was invited by my friend and classmate (now he has graduated and works at the same university), I think he liked my stories :)

- Tell us about the event. What are the requirements? What are the themes?

Eleonora: The concept is to tell about yourself and your specialty in order to attract other Finnish students and foreigners to study at this University. In stories, I share my day with subscribers and answer students' questions! I also talk about the city and share my daily routine.

- And what is the purpose of the event?

Eleanor: Showing your day at the university is a great opportunity for future students to learn what to expect.

Great! Good luck with your training! You can visit KAMK Instagram.

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