International student review on academic mobility

International student review on academic mobility

21 April 2022

A student of the University of Applied Sciences Hanze, Tjerk Jongsma, became a participant in the virtual academic mobility program at the UMTE in the fall semester 2021-2022 and shares his impressions about the experience of online learning at the university.

I chose for to do my academic mobility at UMTE because I wanted to study in a country that is significantly different from my home country, The Netherlands. After some thinking I decided to go to Russia. I decided on Saint Petersburg as the whole program was conducted in English.

For me there were no real difficulties during the study. Work that needed to be done was explained clearly and I could ask questions to anyone without hesitation. 

My favorite aspect about UMTE was the connection I got with the teachers. I felt that they all put in effort to get to me personally which is not always the case at my home university. 

As for the courses, my favorite one was “Managerial decision taking methods” as I learned many new theories and methods regarding the subject. Making the practice exercises in class was fun to me and I always had a feeling of completion if I had done them correctly. To put what I have learned into practice was very enjoyable as through this I learned more than by learning just the theory.
World economy has been a really valuable experience for me as I currently have an internship that focusses on trading internationally. Knowing elements such as exchange rates and what drives trade.

I am active in the market and always want to learn as much as possible about it. Despite already knowing a lot about the stock market, I have learned new insights and I always loved following these classes.

I also had the “Strategic management” course. The assignments I made for this class were insightful to me and I studied the matter with interest. 

The exchange program has become a very important experience for me. I would advise students, who are planning their participation in foreign internships, the following:
- Find out about the courses offered in both the fall and spring semesters. After that, decide when you want to go to an exchange university.
- Choose a university for an internship taking into account the country you are interested in, which would be different from your home country – so you will get the most out of it, and life in a different culture will be an exciting adventure that you will never forget!

I got a lot of pleasure from studying online at the UMTE and I have an exceptionally positive impression!