New opportunities to expand cooperation

New opportunities to expand cooperation

07 September 2022

Rector and Vice-Rector for Research and International Affairs participated in VII Eastern Economic Forum which was held In Vladivostok on September 5-8, 2022.

The Eastern Economic Forum is an international forum which every year is held in Vladivostok. The Eastern Economic Forum was established by decree of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in 2015 to support the economic development of Russia’s Far East and to expand international cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region.

During the Forum, the representatives of UMTE had several meetings with delegations from other counties. 

On September 7th the Rector and Vice-Rector for Research and International Affairs had met with Wang Wen the Executive Dean of Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies, Renmin University of China (RDCY), Deputy Dean and Distinguished Professor of Silk Road School, Renmin University of China (RDCY).

During the meeting, both parties agreed to develop cooperation in the field of academic mobility porgrammes. 

Dr. Wang Wen has also consented to join the Organizing Committee of National Conference  «Sustainable Development (ESG): Finance, Economics, Industry» that will be held on October 21st, 2022 at UMTE. He also promised to come to Saint Petersburg in order to participate in Conference in person. 

The Institute for Financial Studies was established in 2013 by Renmin University of China and Chongyang Investment Ltd. Chongyang Institute has more than ninety senior fellows including prominent politicians, financiers, and scholars from over 10 countries. Initially, the main topic for research was world finance markets. But gradually the Institute has begun research on global problems. Today the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies is a new type of think tank and one of the leading organizations in development of sovereign digital currency of China. The Institute is officially known as one of the subdivision think tanks of the G20 summit.

Rector and Vice-Rector had also fruitful meeting with representatives of National University of Mongolia - Battogtokh Javzandolgor, Dean of the School of International Relations and Public Administration, and Enkhtsetseg Sosorbaram, Associate Professor, Department of International Relations. The parties agreed on development of joint academic programmes in the field of Public Administration and Economics. 

National University of Mongolia was established in 1942. Now the University is recognized by all prestigious ratings as one of the best Universities in Mongolia. More than 20 thousand students are studying at National University of Mongolia. The University is opened for international students from all over the world and actively cooperates with universities from other countries, especially, by developing academic mobility programmes.

National University of Mongolia is one of the leading institutions in the training of professional specialists of the country. At the moment, the structure of the university includes 8 faculties.