UMTE develops cooperation with Mexico

UMTE develops cooperation with Mexico

17 February 2023

Saint Petersburg University of Management Technologies and Economics and University of Colima (Mexico) signed the Cooperation Agreement and the Exchange Agreement.

For several months, the universities have been actively negotiating and discussing various forms of cooperation. The negotiations resulted in two agreements regulating important aspects of cooperation: a general cooperation agreement and an agreement on academic mobility.

The universities plan to work together on scientific, research and educational activities.
In addition, an important area of interaction between the universities is the development of academic mobility of university students and staff. University of Colima is pleased to host students from UMTE starting from the next academic year.

If you have any questions about internships, please contact the specialists of the International Cooperation Department:

44 Lermontovsky pr., 3rd floor, room 314.
Tel: +7 (812) 449 01 19
WhatsApp: +7 (931) 956-94-93

University of Colima was founded in 1940 and is located in the western part of Mexico, close to the Pacific coast.
The university is one of Mexico's leading educational institutions, training true professionals and top-notch scientists with creative potential, innovators who possess valuable competitive advantages and are dedicated to the harmonious development of society, both national and international.