UMTE students are getting acquainted with the tourism peculiarities of Thailand

UMTE students are getting acquainted with the tourism peculiarities of Thailand

27 February 2023

Guest lecturer from Thailand presented the topic “Thailand Tourism after COVID-19 pandemic” to UMTE students.

On February 22, 2023, Suchita Manajit, professor of Walailak University (Thailand) visited UMTE. She gave a lecture in English to UMTE students on the topic “Thailand Tourism after COVID-19 pandemic”. 

The lecturer told the students about Thailand and Nakhon Si Thammarat, province, where the Walailak University is located. She paid special attention to the national economy of Thailand and the influence of COVID-19.  The economy of Thailand depends on tourism development to a great extent that is why she emphasized that Thailand is looking forward to welcome Russian tourists. In the end of her lecture she told about Walailak University and invited all the UMTE students to choose her university for academic mobility. 

After the presentation the students and professor Manajit started the discussion and everyone could ask the questions they had. 

For the UMTE students it was a great opportunity to practice their English language skills, to get acquainted with foreign experience, peculiarities of another country and culture, as well as to understand what it’s like to study in another language with foreign teacher. 

The lecture was held within the framework of scientific and academic cooperation between UMTE and Walailak University, that has been established in 2022. 

Walailak University is a public university founded in 1992. The university was named after Princess Chulabhorn Walailak. Walailak University has the largest single campus of any university in Thailand.

Walailak University offers students 46 bachelor programmes and 28 masters programmes in 16 different areas. 
The campus is surrounded by picturesque Khao Luang national park and the sea. It offers amenities such as a sports complex, tennis and badminton courts, a golf course, and a fitness center. The campus serves as a home to students and staff from over 21 different countries, fostering a culturally diverse educational experience. Through its dedication to quality education, innovative facilities, and stunning campus, Walailak University has become a world-class university where global citizens can discover a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and culture.