Graduation - 2024: Start to the Future at the Kamenny Island Palace

Graduation - 2024: Start to the Future at the Kamenny Island Palace

05 July 2024

On July 4, the Kamenny Island Palace hosted a solemn graduation ceremony for the best bachelors and masters of the Saint Petersburg University of Management Technologies and Economics in 2024.

Honoring the best graduates in the beautiful palaces of the city on the Neva River is a long-standing tradition of the University. This year, the Kamenny Island Palace, an outstanding monument of classicism from the time of Catherine II, an imperial country residence, opened the palace halls to students.

The start of the ceremony was marked by the “Hymn to the Great City” performed by the UMTE student choir.

Addressing the graduates, Oleg Smeshko, the Rector of the UMTE, assured them that the doors of the university are always open and they are welcome to master or post-graduate studies as well as additional professional trainings.

Oleg Smeshko also addressed sincere congratulations to the graduates’ parents who supported their children during studies. Special words of gratitude were expressed to the university's partners – employers, thanks to whom graduates were able to gain practical skills, and many of them were employed even before graduation.

The solemn ceremony is not only a holiday that will be remembered for a lifetime, but also a starting point, a start into the future. We wish our graduates that all the wishes they have heard in their address come true.