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The St. Petersburg University of Management Technologies and Economics (UMTE) is one of the largest educational institutions that gives European education in Russia. Over the years, the university has achieved recognition not only in the Russian scientific and educational space, but also abroad. The status of the University is confirmed by the positive assessment of the university and its affiliates' effectiveness by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the inclusion of the UMTE in the list of institutions operating under the scientific and methodological guidance of the Russian Academy of Sciences, with the status of an "academic university". The academic orientation of the university is marked by the European Academy of Sciences, the International Association of Universities, of which the UMTE is a member and other foreign organizations. Read more...

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Modern education system in modern facilities

Modern education system in modern facilities

15 July 2021

In order to provide the highest level of education and professional development it is needed to create comfortable educational environment. The UMTE pays special attention to building comfortable conditions for students, as well as technical support for studying process.

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The marathon of International intensive programs has come to an end at UMTE

The marathon of International intensive programs has come to an end at UMTE

12 July 2021

The first UMTE International Online Summer School was held on April 19 - 21. After it, 4 more schools were organized. Each Institute developed its own international program.

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