Program task of the University is realization of the approved integration model: UNIVERSITY – PRODUCTION – POWER on the basis of technology of the «Triple Helix». At the same time growth of volumes as well as the importance of research work under orders of industry and organizations continues to rise.

Quality education was based on fundamental scientific knowledge in all times. Preparation of students at UMTE is conducted under scientific and methodical guidance of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The academic status of UMTE is set by the contract between Office of social sciences of RAS and the University. Academicians, corresponding members of RAS and also foreign scientists, including winners of Nobel awards on economy, give lectures at the University. Many of them are honorary professors of UMTE, research supervisors and consultants of the university institutes and departments. Academic status of UMTE allows creating and applying the most modern programs of the higher education and professional development and realizing them in practical activities. Particularity of development of UMTE is the considerable extension of basic and applied research, its highquality change, the expressed directivity on support of innovative development of branches of the economy.