Research work
The President of the Russian Federation has declared 2022-2031 period as the Decade of Science and Technology. Among the objectives of the thematic Decade are attracting talented young people to the research and development sphere, promoting the involvement of researchers and developers in solving the most important problems of the society and the country development, as well as increasing the availability of information about the science achievements and prospects.
A characteristic feature of UMTE development is a significant expansion of research, its qualitative change, and a pronounced focus on ensuring innovative development of industries and spheres of the economy.
Research Schools:
  • Management of innovative regional development  and corporate structures
  • Sociology management, social structures, institutes and processes
  • Social psychology, development psychology, acmeology
  • Safety management and effectiveness of economic systems on the basis of international experience
  • Regular patterns analysis in information systems and modelling of information processes
  • Public-legal protection of rights, freedom and legal interests
  • Management of entrepreneurial structures in the period of the Russian economy reformation
Perspective research topics:
  • cybercrime research;
  • social entrepreneurship;
  • research of creating and functioning of advanced development zone;
  • regional identity as a social construct;
  • scientific image of extremism: paradigm collision;
  • late-life loneliness as a social problem;
  • civil right protection of unmarried people;
  • social and psychological aspect research of individual development at different ages.