UMTE Scientific student hub is a scientific association of students taking an active part in research activities.
The objective of the Scientific student hub:

The UMTE Scientific Student hub aims at involving students in scientific research, raising the level of education and enhancing prestige of scientific activity, stimulating the work of the departments in organizing research work of students, and promoting the achievements of fundamental and applied science, which are an integral part of the innovation-driven economy.

The tasks of the Scientific student hub:

1) Development of scientific communications of students involved in research activities;
2) Development of students' potential in research activities;
3) Motivating students to in-depth and creative involvement into research work;
4) Improving the quality of training through practice-led research and professional development of students;
5) Improving the image of the University functioning under the scientific and methodological guidance of the Russian Academy of Science.

How to become a member of a Scientific student hub?
1) A student or a graduate student of UMTE of any specialty / direction, course and form of training engaged or wishing to be involved in research activities may become a member of the Scientific student hub.
2) Students are expected to submit applications and provide a personal portfolio with achievements in scientific research or scientific projects ideas. 
What rights does a member of the Scientific student hub have?
1) Receive information about plans of the Scientific student hub activities.
2) Get involved in the ongoing research projects available for the members of the Scientific student hub.
3) Submit the results of their own scientific research.
4) Offer proposals on improvement and further development of research opportunities for students.