Saint Petersburg University of Management Technologies and Economics is directly involved in internationalization of all its activities. The university has rich experience in international cooperation with partners in Asia, Latin America, Europe and Africa.

UMTE teachers and PhD students have an opportunity to give lectures and carry out their research at partner universities around the world. We are happy to welcome guest lectures from our partner universities too!

Also, among the main areas of cooperation with international partners are the following ones: academic exchange of students, implementation of joint projects and carrying out research activities, publication of joint monographs and scientific articles, joint educational projects, including online ones.

UMTE students have an opportunity to do their exchange semester at one of international partner universities. Training abroad not only improves language skills, but also expands professional outlook and allows to use international experience in the future business career. UMTE students can also participate in winter and summer language and/or business schools.

The University offers a great opportunity to get acquainted with the Russian culture, learn the Russian language, get personal experience of studying in Russian and establish professional contacts within the international business schools. In the time of digitalization, we are happy to provide students with a unique possibility to receive such experience online.

Annually UMTE holds more than 30 major international, national and regional scientific conferences, forums, round tables which attract researchers, post-graduate students, and students to discuss topical economic, ecological, social, pedagogical, legal, linguistic and other issues.