Towards the anniversary: Film. Film? Film!

Towards the anniversary: Film. Film? Film!

25 December 2020

The university congratulates the employees, teachers, students, friends and partners of the University on the 30th UMTE anniversary and presents a film.

On 27th December 2020, the University celebrated its 30th anniversary. We used to celebrate such dates vividly and always in the best palaces of the city. This year (thanks 2020) all the celebrations have to be held online, but UMTE-Day is still warm and solemn day, no matter what!

Many of our friends and partners congratulated us shortly before. In preparation for the anniversary, the film production team shot more than 100 interviews with all members of our University community: teachers, staff, students, graduates, partners.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t include all the memories, wishes and warm words that we have. Some materials you can find in electronic version of the newspaper "Manager". More video and photo greetings, letters and even poems have already been published on our website and we will continue to publish it.

We will continue to publish your interviews – check the site.

We celebrate our anniversary here and now and online.

Get involved!