Congratulations to the alumni of the Double Degree program “International financial management”

Congratulations to the alumni of the Double Degree program “International financial management”

09 July 2021

In June 2021 the 4th class of the Double Degree program “International financial management” graduated from UMTE.

The students shared their thoughts and impressions about professional skills and knowledge that they got while studying.

Elizaveta Varnakova:

“When I was choosing the university, the opportunity to get a diploma of an international university was the important goal for me. The UMTE offered the great opportunity to get 2 diplomas including the international one, so I didn`t hesitate and filed the documents.

From the very first day I was impressed with the scale of events: the greetings of the applicants took place in the building of the St.Petersburg Legislative Assembly. Going into the studying process was smooth and quite comprehensive, the professors and administrative staff were giving all the information about studying process.

The professors are of high qualification, they thoroughly choose the lecture materials, and give interesting tasks for the self – training.

Students initiatives are rewarded and quest for knowledge is welcomed.

I visited Germany for studying at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt. The cooperation was at a high level as I didn`t have the language barrier and any troubles with studying process. We got the great training for the new form of studying; we passed all the courses successfully.

I thank the staff of our Institute for the support during our studies! Thank you for quick responding to our requests!”

Zoya Tulchinskaya:

“From the first year at the UMTE I was impressed with the amount of professors of highest level. I also liked the modern approach to the studying process.

I chose «International financial management» to get the opportunity to go abroad for the Double Degree program. From the very beginning we were trained to study in foreign country. For the first two years we had foreigners in our groups and that was amazing to study in English and communicate with foreign students.

In the third year I went to Germany and got the incredible experience studying at the international university.

In the forth year I started to write my diploma. My academic supervisor Sintsova Elena helped me a lot. I think that writing the academic papers is one of the most necessary stage of the courses as it reveals whether the graduate is ready to analyze and offer solutions of the different problems or not. That was the great experience.

I definitely can say I`m not disappointed with the choice. These years were very fruitful and interesting”

Annually the students of the Institute of international programs study in the partner universities in order to improve professional skills and to receive international certificates.

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences , and University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt welcome students of the International financial management program during the 3rd year of their studies.

During their studies in foreign universities and internships in Russian and foreign companies, students acquire professional skills and knowledge which help them with writing academic papers.

Among the alumni 2021 two students successfully completed the program in the Kajaani University (Finland), four students completed studies in University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt (Germany).

On behalf of the St. Petersburg University of Management Technologies and Economics, we sincerely congratulate the alumni of the Double Degree program, wish you all the professional success and invite them to continue education for Master's Degree.