«I have found here a second home»:  exchange students from Belarus share their experience

«I have found here a second home»: exchange students from Belarus share their experience

15 December 2022

Aliaksandra Barkhatova, who came here from Euphrosyne Polotskaya State University of Polotsk (Belarus), shares her impressions about Saint Petersburg and exchange programme. She spent at UMTE Autumn semester 2022/2023.

Since the first year of my studies, I have been trying to find information about exchange programmes, imagining myself in some other country. And finally, my scientific advisor offered me a chance to participate and such programme and study in Saint Petersburg for one semester. I had a lot of concerns and fears but, without hesitation, I began preparing papers. 

I believe that every student should participate in exchange programme at least once because this fascinating experience has given me precious memories. 
During the training at UMTE I learned to understand the legislation of Russian Federation, tried myself as a teacher, met amazing people, and has proven myself as a diligent student that is why I was invited to enter the Master’s programme here. 

It may sound unusual but I have found here a second home. Saint Petersburg is the city of my soul. It is impossible not to love Saint Petersburg. It cannot be forgotten. I’m glad that in a few months I have managed to feel the life of this city and to see many attractions. You can write a book about the magnificence of Saint Petersburg.
The main advantage of academic mobility programme is the opportunity to live in other city or town, or in a place where you’ve never been, the chance to get to know other culture, meet new people, establish international contacts.

Leonid Tihonravov, the teacher of «Entrepreneurial Law» and «Basis of Pre-Trial Settlement», will always be in my heart. I have never met such hospitable and sincere teachers, and of course I would like to thank him for such an extraordinary approach to students and teaching.

I am really happy that I had this opportunity to study at another university. All the goals were achieved and knowledge was received. I like the UMTE so much that I don’t want to leave. But I may come back to enter the Master’s degree.

I hope that all the students who get the chance to participate in academic mobility programme never miss it. You should immediately take this opportunity and not to be afraid of possible challenges you may come across. 

Studying isn’t hard but it is important to be active, not miss classes and fulfill all requirements of the teachers. This experience is priceless and will stay with you forever.