What does UMTE have in common with exotic Thailand?

What does UMTE have in common with exotic Thailand?

15 June 2023

On June 9, 2023, UMTE held an online meeting with representatives of Walailak University (Thailand). The meeting of university representatives was an important step in the process of strengthening cooperation and developing new areas of interaction.

During the event, the structural units of both universities presented their scientific background, educational potential and proposals for further cooperation. The participants of the meeting noted: "We have the potential, we have the resources, we have the desire, we have a team that can realize all this. So we will be happy to cooperate, we will develop mutually beneficial cooperation of our universities together".

Interaction in the scientific sphere is of mutual interest for both universities. In order to effectively exchange the results of scientific research, the parties agreed on mutual participation in conferences, forums and seminars. Joint organization and holding of international scientific events is also promising. The partners did not leave aside the prospects for the development of academic mobility of teachers, scientists and students, including with the use of modern information technologies.

In the framework of such projects, students, teachers and scientists have the opportunity not only to gain practical experience in a particular field, collect the necessary materials for scientific research, get acquainted with the peculiarities of the culture of another country, but also to make useful professional contacts.

Cooperation between the universities began in 2022, when a delegation from Walailak University visited UMTE.  During the meeting, the management of UMTE received an invitation to visit Thailand for a return visit, which took place in May 2023.