A Friendship Triangle: Indonesia, Thailand, Russia

A Friendship Triangle: Indonesia, Thailand, Russia

28 June 2023

The International Online Summer School “Russian Business Culture” was held at UMTE on June 26-28, 2023.

The second half of the June was filled with international events. From June 26 to June 28, 2023 the University held its annual international school for students of partner universities. This year the event was held in an online format, and the topic was Russian business culture. This topic is gaining more and more popularity every year, as our country tirelessly develops international relations with other countries.

Properly building business relations is the key to the success of any business. So, what is important to know when you are doing business with someone? You must to understand the business culture of the country with which you are building these relations. That is why our new school aroused great interest among the students of partner universities.

This year the school has brought together more than 40 participants from Indonesia and Thailand. And this is not surprising, because in May of this year UMTE’s management visited universities in these countries and signed cooperation agreements.

During three intense days, the participants listened to lectures and participated in discussions with the best professors from UMTE.

Georgy Varlamov, Associate Professor of International Finance and Accounting Department, told participants about the peculiarities of business communications and introduced them to Russian culture. Special attention was given to how Russian culture affects the conduct of business and what features should be taken into account while doing business in Russia.

The topic of Russian culture was taken up by Ivan Gonzalez, Senior Lecturer of International Finance and Accounting Department. Together with the participants he discussed the historical development of culture, as well as the political history of Russia.

On the second day, students took part in a lively discussion organized by Nikolai Druzhinin, Professor of International Finance and Accounting Department. He told the participants about the peculiarities of the Russian economy at the current stage and discussed with them the possibilities of cooperation between Russia and the countries of Asia. Such a complex but promising topic aroused great interest among the participants.

Ksenia Kuzmina, Associate Professor of Management and Public Administration Department, introduced the participants to the peculiarities of strategic and project management in Russia. Some participants said that they discovered a lot of new things and will definitely apply the lessons learned in their studies and work in the future. In addition, Ksenia Alekseevna prepared interesting cases for the students, which allowed them to get acquainted with Russian companies.

We asked the participant to share their feedback. Here are some of the opinions.

Intan Nurvadila, University of Lampung, Indonesia

"I had the privilege of participating in the UMTE International Online School in Russia for three days, and I must say that the experience was excellent. One of the highlights of my time at the school was the professor who taught the course. Their knowledge, expertise, and passion for the subject matter were truly inspiring. The professor's teaching style was engaging and interactive, making the learning experience enjoyable and insightful.

The material provided by the school about Russia was incredibly helpful. It was comprehensive, well-organized, and presented in a manner that made it easy to grasp complex concepts. The resources provided offered a deep dive into the history, culture, and socio-political aspects of Russia, giving me a well-rounded understanding of the country. The material served as an excellent foundation for further exploration and study.

Overall, my brief experience at UMTE International Online School left a positive impression. The professor's expertise, the comprehensive material about Russia, and the user-friendly Yandex platform collectively contributed to a valuable and enriching learning journey. The school's commitment to delivering high-quality education was evident, and I believe that participating in this online school would provide students with an excellent foundation for further academic and personal growth."

Achmad Bintang Herida Kasuma, University of Lampung, Indonesia

"I am very excited and full of joy to join the short course organized by UMTE! This experience is truly like riding a roller coaster that stimulates the imagination and expands the horizons. In a vibrant and dynamic environment, I have been involved in a learning journey that is challenging but very exciting. "

Khoirul Anam, University of Lampung, Indonesia

"As a student, I am very interested in UMTE International Online School, especially when the lecturers are very educative and easy to talk to. Here are some key points that interest me:

1. Through the UMTE International Online School, can add to my insight about Russia both in terms of its economy, politics and culture.

2. Because the teaching quality of the lecturers really caught my interest. They have extensive experience and knowledge in their field, which can provide valuable insights into the learning process.

3. Good Support and Guidance: Having lecturers who are easy to talk to is important to me. They are able to provide adequate guidance, answer questions, and provide constructive input. This will provide a more positive learning experience and strengthen the relationship between lecturers and students."