The heritage is in the hands of the youth. New trends were discussed at the conference

The heritage is in the hands of the youth. New trends were discussed at the conference

27 September 2023

On 26 September, on the eve of World Tourism Day, the international scientific and practical conference of students and young researchers "Heritage in the Hands of Youth: New Trends" was held.

Traditionally, the conference, which for the fourth time has become a platform for the exchange of ideas between students and young scientists of universities in Saint Petersburg and other regions, instilling in young people respect for the culture of their country and bringing together the cultures of different peoples, is organized by the Saint Petersburg University of Management Technologies and Economics.

This year, the scientific and practical conference of scientists “Heritage in the hands of youth: new trends” was held with the support of the City Tourist Information Bureau of Saint Petersburg and the Saint Petersburg Convention and Exhibition Bureau.

The following people addressed the participants of such an important forum with a welcoming speech: Nana Gvichia, Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Tourism Development of Saint Petersburg; Sergey Azarenkov, General Director of the Convention and Exhibition Bureau of Saint Petersburg; Yulia Britanova, Deputy Director for Information Support of the City Tourist Information Bureau of Saint Petersburg; Dmitry Dmitriev, Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of Saint Petersburg, Member of the Commission on the Tourism Industry; Marina Morozova, Director of the Association of Premium and Niche Tourism; Anna Rumyantseva, Vice-Rector for Research and International Affairs of UMTE; Valery Slanov, Acting Director of the Institute of Creative Industries and Hospitality of UMTE.

They wished the students successful work at the conference and continuation of their research activities. “I wish you not only to share your thoughts, but also to find something new and interesting for yourself in your speeches,” Anna Rumyantseva, Vice-Rector for Research and International Affairs of UMTE, addressed to the young people.

Topical issues of preserving cultural and natural heritage were discussed at the conference, which are the driver of sustainable development of the tourism industry in Russia today, the importance of preserving intangible heritage, as well as the need to develop new areas of tourism that help increase the tourism potential of Saint Petersburg.

Saint Petersburg is the center of cultural and educational tourism in our country; in fact, it is an open-air museum, one of the most popular tourist destinations not only in Russia, but also in the world. Speaking about the importance of preserving cultural heritage, Nana Gvichiya, Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Tourism Development of Saint Petersburg, recalled that the World Heritage Convention was approved back in 1972. In 1990 the first sites on the territory of Russia were included in the list of World Heritage Sites, including the largest and most complex site - the historical center of Saint Petersburg and related groups of monuments.

In his address to the conference participants, Sergey Azarenkov, Director of the Exhibition and Convention Bureau, emphasized that the city is actively developing new tourist geography - a project that has been underway for the last couple of years. It brings together everything that is fresh, unexpected and interesting - public spaces, unusual routes and museums - and excursion classics. This contributes to the fact that tourists return to our city more than once. He also recalled that in 2021 the Northern Capital was included in the UNESCO list of creative cities in the “Gastronomy” category.

Dmitry Dmitriev, deputy of the Legislative Assembly, member of the specialized commission on tourism industry of the Legislative Assembly of Saint Petersburg, told about why the legislative and executive authorities of the city pay much attention to the development of tourism, why youth ideas are so necessary and through what resources they can be implemented.

The conference also discussed the development of sustainable tourism at cultural and natural heritage sites in Tatarstan, the Republic of Tuva, Yakutia, the Solovetsky Islands, Sikhote-Alin, in the area of Lake Onega and the White Sea, in Staraya Ladoga and Priozersk, in Tverskaya Karelia; the influence of media culture tools and means on the preservation and promotion of Russian World Heritage sites. Reports were presented on the material and intangible culture of other countries - China and Indonesia. Much attention during the discussions was paid to the consideration of cultural heritage sites as the basis for the patriotic education of youth.

When summing up the results, the participants noted the relevance of the topics discussed at the conference and thanked its direct organizers - the Department of Tourism and Hospitality of UMTE and its head Inga Filippova.