The Day of Russian Science - 300th Anniversary of the Russian Academy of Sciences

The Day of Russian Science - 300th Anniversary of the Russian Academy of Sciences

08 February 2024

On February 8, 2024, on the Day of Russian Science, the Russian Academy of Sciences, which has been a symbol of scientific progress and intellectual development of Russia for centuries, celebrates its 300th anniversary.

On February 8 (January 28), 1724, Emperor Peter I issued a decree “On the Academy where languages would be studied, as well as other sciences and noble arts, and books would be translated, to appoint a place for this ...”. Peter created the Academy of Sciences according to European models, but taking into account the national specifics. The Russian Academy of Sciences was established together with a gymnasium and a university, which prepared future scientists. The latter became members of the Academy and received salaries for ensuring the state scientific and technical development.

Over its three-hundred-year history, scientists involved in the Academy activities have done a lot of useful things for the country and enriched the world with new knowledge. Russian scientists pass down this knowledge through generations, improving and increasing it through new discoveries. The modern generation of scientists conducts research in different scientific directions, but all of them are united by concern for our state and compatriots’ future.

We are proud of the scientists who have glorified Russian science, and we wish everyone, who is passionate about the search for scientific truth, impressive results in solving complex problems, the realization of all breakthrough ideas, as well as new discoveries and achievements that serve the human progress.

St. Petersburg University of Management Technologies and Economics has been constantly maintaining close connections and developing comprehensive cooperation with the Russian Academy of Sciences, its institutes and divisions for many years. Since 2006, UMTE has been working under research and methodological guidance of the Social Sciences Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences give open lectures at the university, together with academic institutions the university organizes conferences and other scientific events.